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  • This week saw the official “send off” at the House of Commons, London, for Team UK who are competing in the Skills Olympics in Kazan in the upcoming weeks. FV’s Elliott Dawson is the Team UK representative in the CNC Milling Competition at the event and is pictured receiving his “Team Badge” with Rt Hon Anne Milton MP, who is the Skills Minister, and Dr Neil Bentley, who is the CEO of World Skills UK. Elliott has consistently maintained a high standard of work at FV whilst being committed to the training and development programs by World Skills to ensure his work is of a high standard that is required to represent Team UK. Elliott has dedicated his time for the past two years to the World Skills competitions where he has developed personally and professionally, and we are proud of all he has accomplished. We wish Elliott and the whole of Team UK all the best in their final challenge!

  • To help customers who have applications that perhaps do not merit fully exotic materials, but for which an upgrade from 316 stainless steel would be desirable, Fort Vale had developed a methodology for incorporating a permanent Inconel® seat within all footvalves. This feature will be introduced across the ranges in the coming months. On show at the ITCO / Transport Logistics show in Munich will be one of the first valve series to incorporate this seat.  Designated as the ‘Superseat’, it will come at no extra charge and we anticipate a significant benefit for chemical companies, operators and lessors through prolonged tank valve use.


    316 stainless steel valves offer a broad chemical resistance and food-duty spectrum which allows them to carrying products safely, hence their wide use. However certain chemicals, concentration percentages, or environments, can lead to a form of localised corrosion – crevice corrosion –  which is particularly prevalent at the union of the sealing face and the main footvalve seal. Crevice corrosion has been a known phenomenon across all types of 316 stainless steel valves for some time, and so several years ago Fort Vale turned to the use of exotic materials for these applications – employing high nickel steels, such as Hastelloy®, and we have within our range valves made entirely or partially from the above material types.


    Whilst solving the problem, the cost of such materials can be prohibitive and so their use is limited. Until now, users have had to determine the balance of economics: less frequent valve replacement, against the cost of the use of exotic materials.By utilising Inconel®, a material with a much higher pitting index than 316 stainless steel, greater resistance is offer to a wider range of chemical applications. An overlay principal adopted by Fort Vale to integrate this material into our standard 316 stainless steel valve bodies will ensure long-life and trouble free use. Fort Vale continue to supply Hastelloy® seated valves, which will be designated as ‘Ultraseat’ valves, and also to manufacture in other exotic materials for those applications where corrosion resistance within the whole valve, not just at the sealing face, is required.

  • NEW SANY H9 Reach Stacker

    20-Sep-2018 by: Jann Rene Hansen

    Presentation of new Reach Stacker for the European market from SANY Europe GmbH

  • All mobile container handling machines from SANY Europe can be delivered with a 5 year (10.000 hours) warranty.


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