Stand: C56
  • | 2024
Founded in 2015, ConPDS has been at the forefront of transforming the container depot industry through its innovative software solutions. Born out of a collaboration with APM Terminals Aarhus, the company's first version of the ConPDS Checker app and OCR engine aimed to eliminate the time-consuming task of manual sorting and naming of pictures from digital camera SD cards. Instead, ConPDS made it possible to automate the process of detecting container codes and capturing images of container damages, dramatically streamlining operations. In the years since its founding, ConPDS has continually improved and expanded its offerings. In 2022, the company launched a new solution that automatically detects and recognizes arriving or departing trucks and containers. This feature further automates the process by uploading pictures of the container codes and truck plates to the ConPDS Checker system for review or audit purposes. Headquartered in Denmark, ConPDS has a global presence, serving customers from New Zealand to the USA, with a significant majority in Europe. The company's target clients are container depots that repair, maintain, and store containers. However, recognizing the applicability of its solutions, ConPDS is actively exploring opportunities in other markets, such as warehouses and terminals. Through strategic partnerships with sales partners in local markets, ConPDS is committed to providing its customers with top-tier service and innovative solutions, simplifying specific time-consuming processes.


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