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Intermodal Telematics BV

IMT is a thought leader and independent telematics solution partner for the tank container and rail car industry, and is one of the world’s leading telematics companies. We offer a complete range of intelligent sensors and telematics systems, including location, temperature, pressure and heating sensors, all connected to the user-friendly IMT platform. IMT's tank telematics can make a significant difference in safety, efficiency, and quality performance for your day-to-day logistics operations.

Our platform is open to third-party input and output. You can choose to use our interface, but you can also build your own dashboard on it. By developing both the hardware and software in-house, IMT can offer the right solution. The statuses are displayed in the IMT web application and can also be accessed via IMT’s open and free API, making it easy to integrate the IMT solution into any pre-existing TMS (transportation management system). Fleet and cargo monitoring and optimisation has never been easier!

IMT is fully certified: CE, ISO 9001 , ISO27001. The sensors of IMT are ATEX certified and can therefore be used in the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids in all sectors (chemical, pharmaceutical, food, petro, etc.). 

IMT develops hardware and software in-house and sets the standard in smart sensor technology. All to take your tank and rail telematics and your business to the next level.


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  • Thermowell Solution

    27 Jul 2023
    The IMT Thermowell Solution is a special thermometer solution that measures the temperature of the liquid in the middle of the tank container, with a PT1000 sensor fixed in the tube. The Thermowell So ...
  • The HCT18 is a multifunctional communication and location terminal that reports the geoposition of the tank container. It monitors and controls various heating and cooling equipment types via the modb ...
  • The HS19-Ex is a digital temperature sensor for tank containers and tank wagons. The purpose of the HS19-Ex is to monitor the heating process of a tank container or tank wagon.
  • Cryogene Solution

    27 Jul 2023
    IMT's cryogene solution is based on pressure and volume measurements. A pre-set alert can be incorporated in the sensor, giving time for the operator or shipper to take appropriate action.
  • The PS20-Ex is to be used together with third-party, compatible pressure transmitters to create a digital pressure sensing solution for tank containers and tank wagons.
  • IMT Web Application

    26 Jul 2023
    IMT's web application includes new, state-of-the-art features that make managing rail and tank container fleets even easier.
  • The RL22-Ex is a sensor that is used together with a third-party, compatible Rochester Level Gauge to create a digital level sensing solution for tank containers and tank wagons. 
  • The WT22-Ex is a digital temperature sensor for tank containers and tank wagons. 
  • The CLT20-Ex (main gateway) monitors a tank container’s geographical location, its motion (shock and normal movement) and the temperature of the device.


  • IMT Web Application

    27 Jul 2023 IMT
    The IMT web application delivers a modular, extensible web portal with ample support for customisation, in order to provide a comprehensive telematics solution for you and your customers.​
  • The CLT20-Ex is solar powered, enabling unlimited data transfer and long-lasting operational reliability on tank containers, wagons and other assets that do not have their own power source. 


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