Logistics Technology Application Joint Stock Company

Stand: A31
  • | Technology and tracking
  • | 2024

LTA is a company that provides a range of high-quality software and systems products, which be designed to meet the diverse needs of the logistics industry: Depot CMS: As a comprehensive depot operations management system, Depot CMS helps track and manage all operation activities in your depot, from importing and exporting goods to maintaining and repairing containers and so on. Depot CMS can handle it all efficiently, helping to optimize workflow and improve data accuracy. TMS (Transportation Management System): Our TMS transportation management software helps automate and optimize transportation processes. TMS helps plan, execute, track, and optimize freight transportation, helping to reduce costs and transit times, while providing real-time information to users. WMS (Warehouse Management System): Our WMS warehouse management software provides a comprehensive warehouse management solution; from receiving, storing, to shipping and inventory management. WMS helps increase warehouse management efficiency, reduce errors and promote more flexible workflows. Each of our products is built on cutting-edge technology and is constantly updated to ensure the latest features and optimal performance. We are committed to provide customers with the best solutions, helping them achieve their business goals and overcome all challenges in the logistics industry.


Thu Duc City, HCMC,
Viet Nam
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