Health and Safety Form - Shell Scheme

Deadline for submission: 11 October 2024

To be completed by ALL Shell Scheme exhibitors.

For this purpose and in compliance with article 24 of the Occupational Risk Prevention Act on the Coordination of Business Activities, and with Royal Decree 171/2004 which develops it, contractors and exhibitors must comply with Workplace Hazard Prevention regulations as well as all legislation outlined in the Exhibitor Manual and Venue Technical Manual. In addition, they must acknowledge the Health & Safety Policy Statement of Informa Markets as outlined in the Health & Safety section of the manual and confirm that it will be complied with.

Every exhibitor accepts that it is their legal and moral responsibility to ensure that their own and others’ health & safety are not put at risk by their actions (or in-actions) throughout the tenancy, by returning this form.

Please note Intermodal Europe 2024 will be held in Hall 1.
Please ensure the following is adhered to: