The Future of Telematics From a Customer Perspective

11 Oct 2023
Technology Theatre
Cold Chain & Reefer , Sustainability , Interoperability & Collaboration , Tracking Technology
What will the future of reefer telematics look like in 5 years? Will it be standard on every marine reefer? Will all ships have systems that then give the ocean carriers live data 24/7 365 days a year whether on water or land? Will cartons and pallets also be individually monitored inside the container to ensure uniform temperatures throughout? What security features will be introduced...door sensors...drug detection....fire sensors? Can the data be relevant to other parties in the supply chain and should they get it? For free? Will the data be monetised? The reefer telematics landscape will change and will change quickly in the coming years. Those who think outside the box or think ahead will be the market leaders.
Joel undir Leitinum, CEO - Globe Tracker