Unlocking Data Interoperability at Sea: A Collaborative Approach

11 Oct 2023
Keynote Theatre
Cold Chain & Reefer , Sustainability , Interoperability & Collaboration , Tracking Technology

In this session, experts from Copeland, Carrier Transicold and Maersk Container Industry will explore the power of stakeholder collaboration in achieving seamless data interoperability at sea. Dive deep into how united efforts can bridge data gaps created by multiple solution partners, streamline data onboard vessels, and realize the overarching benefits this brings customers and the broader shipping sector.

Marianna Levtov, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs - Nexxiot
Anders Holm, Director, Global Sales & Service - Maersk Container Industry
Brian Robertson, Vice President Sales, Transportation - Copeland
Campbell Brooke, Global General Manager - Telematics - Carrier Transicold