28 Jul 2023

CONPDS Tracker - Revolutionizing Container Movement Monitoring



  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux
  • Processor Compatibility: x86/x64, ARM32, and ARM64
  • Integration: VIVOTEK VAST, DepotMaster, CONPDS Checker and more
  • Data Publishing: Industry-standard MQTT brokers


  • Easy Installation: A simplified plug-and-play setup that integrates easily with existing surveillance cameras.
  • Advanced data models: Utilizes motion detection, object detection, and ConPDS Core OCR engine for highly accurate data capture.
  • Customizable Rule Engine: Build your business-specific rules and workflows in your preferred development platform.
  • Cross-platform Solution: Compatible with a variety of operating systems and processors.


  • Lower Costs: Avoid significant investments in new camera equipment by using existing surveillance cameras.
  • Reliable Data: Produce consistent and accurate data, including BIC and ILU container codes.
  • Time Savings: Drastically reduce the time spent on coding and implementation.
  • Seamless Integration: Works with all camera types and integrates with various third-party systems.
  • Scalable Support: ConPDS offers high-quality support and partners with customers for site-specific optimizations.

Use Case:

  • CONPDS Tracker is ideal for container depots, terminals, logistics companies, or any business that requires efficient and accurate container movement monitoring.

CONPDS Tracker stands as a monumental leap in container movement monitoring solutions. Its ability to integrate seamlessly with external systems, produce reliable data, and save time and costs makes it an invaluable tool for modern businesses.

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