27 Jul 2023

Heating Sensor (HS19-Ex)

Intermodal Telematics BV Stand: E52

The HS19-Ex is a digital temperature sensor for tank containers and tank wagons. The purpose of the HS19-Ex is to monitor the heating process of a tank container or tank wagon. It sends the measured temperature values wirelessly to an IMT communication and location terminal (CLT/HCT), which in turn transmits the sensor data to the IMT back end.  Our web application can then be used to access and display all data remotely. 

The sensor not only transmits the temperature to the IMT  communication and location terminal (CLT/HCT), but also stores the measured values in an internal buffer, which allows data to be read out locally via the IMT UD18 USB dongle. The sensor device can be updated with new firmware wirelessly (OTA) via the IMT communication terminal, no matter where the container or wagon is, at any time of day.

The HS19-Ex is ATEX IIC certified and can therefore be used in the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids in all sectors: (Petro) Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, etc. The HS19-Ex measures temperatures by means of a wired PT1000 probe that is placed directly on the steam or water inlet for heating the tank container.

The HS19-Ex saves the temperature values to an internal memory with a capacity of 2 years, which allows a read out of the temperatures via the IMT UD18 USB dongle. The HS19-Ex sends its measurements wirelessly to the CLT/HCT, which sends them to the back-end. The values are displayed in the IMT web application and can also be accessed via IMT’s open and free API, so it’s easy to integrate the IMT solution into any pre-existing TMS (transportation management system).

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