26 Jul 2023

IMT Web Application

Intermodal Telematics BV Stand: E52

IMT's web application offers state-of-the-art features that make managing rail and tank container fleets even easier. The design, application flow and structure are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Years of experience, hundreds of user stories and extensive test sessions with customers formed the basis of the web application.

IMT’s dedicated software development & business intelligence team works continuously to provide shippers, leasing companies, and other partners in the tank container and rail car industry with unparalleled value through digital technologies and (big/AI) data-driven solutions. The web application, with its outstanding UI/UX and data analytics tools, enables users to access and analyse their asset and cargo data, such as temperature and pressure sensitive goods – which need to be continuously monitored for quality and safety reasons – quickly and in a configurable way. IMT enables logistics companies to streamline their supply chain even more efficiently by means of settings that can be defined by the user, such as thresholds, alert notifications and dashboards.

One of the key features of the web application is the Dashboard Overview, which provides a configurable overview of assets and their statuses, with the possibility for custom statuses tailored to your business’ needs. A user can drill down from a global overview and statistics to a relevant level of detail, and from there navigate to specific assets. The different types of status information for assets are part of the application logic, but status change triggers can also be defined by a customer’s own rules and business logic. In the Dashboard Overview, and also the Asset View screens, it is possible to configure which information is displayed and how it is displayed, making it easy to focus on the relevant information. For data selection, analysis or management, powerful table options are included as well as spreadsheet type functionalities for filtering, sorting and highlighting.

Following the general IMT values, the user-friendliness of the web application is key, so that despite the amount and complexity of the data, a user can quickly find his/her way around the system. Another starting point is the ‘management by exception’ principle; if certain values and thresholds are exceeded, an alert notification will go out to enable timely action. For example,when a certain temperature or pressure is exceeded during the transport of chemicals of food products. The Event Notification Module allows a user to easily create, view, edit and delete notification subscriptions in one place. Options are also included for users to subscribe to pressure notifications, and notifications for temperatures of assets that have a Heating and Cooling Terminal.

IMT has customers in several markets (tank container and rail cars) and segments (such as operators, leasing companies, cargo owners, manufacturers, etc.). Therefore, another starting point is also essential: flexibility for the user. A modular structure is therefore deliberately chosen, which allows a lot of flexibility to create different types of users with different permissions for access to different parts of the application and their functionalities.

For customers that have larger fleets, there is another feature relevant: the Asset Group Navigator (AGN). With the AGN, a user can create a hierarchy of business groups within which the entities such as assets, geozones, products and users within those asset groups can be conveniently grouped. In addition, the platform provides the support to add Custom Fields to entities like asset groups, assets, geozones or products. These business attributes could be defined for a whole account, or only in the scope of a particular asset group. A company could therefore set up certain business attributes for an end-customer that will only be displayed for the asset group of that specific customer. In addition to this, Custom Fields can be synchronised through the API, making integration with external systems even more seamless.

With this powerful data-driven tool, IMT offers state-of-the-art and field-proven telematics solutions that provide users worldwide with the data they need to optimise and streamline their own logistics processes and those of their end customers reliably, quickly and securely.

The Web Application offers customers a powerful digital tool for:

  • Fleet management
  • Predictive maintenance and condition based maintenance
  • Cargo monitoring
  • Transport management
  • Powerful and flexible Notification system
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