27 Jul 2023

Pressure Sensor (PS20-Ex)

Intermodal Telematics BV Stand: E52

The PS20-Ex is to be used together with third-party, compatible pressure transmitters to create a digital pressure sensing solution for tank containers and tank wagons. The purpose of the PS20-Ex is to monitor the pressure inside of a tank container or rail wagon and to send the measured values wirelessly to an IMT communication and location terminal (CLT/HCT), which in turn transmits the sensor data to the IMT platform where it can be accessed remotely via our web application.

The PS20-Ex measures the pressure by means of a compatible pressure transmitter, which is connected to the PS20-Ex using a standard M12 connector. The PS20-Ex is compatible with a wide range of transmitters and can also be delivered as a ‘pressure pack’ with an Ashcroft pressure transmitter and the mechanical set-up for it.

The pressure transmitter is powered by the battery pack within the PS20-Ex, so no external energy source is needed. This is possible, since the PS20-Ex only powers the pressure transmitter upon a measurement, which occurs every minute and only takes a very short time. The measured value with pressure transmitters is actually the current that flows through the transmitter. The current is proportional to the pressure.

The PS20-Ex sends its measurements wirelessly to the CLT/HCT, which sends them to the back-end. The pressure values are displayed in the IMT web application and can also be accessed via IMT’s open and
free API, so it’s easy to integrate the IMT solution into any pre-existing TMS (transportation management system). Status changes (e.g. exceeding pressure thresholds) are events and as such can serve as a trigger for alert notifications.

The sensor not only transmits the measured values to the IMT communication and location terminal, but also stores the measured values in an internal buffer. The PS20-Ex can be updated with new firmware wirelessly (OTA) via the IMT communication terminal (CLT/HCT), no matter where the container or wagon is, at any time of day. The PS20-Ex is ATEX IIC certified and can therefore be used in the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids in all sectors: Petro) Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, etc.

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