11 Jul 2023

Temperature Sensor (WT22-Ex)

Intermodal Telematics BV Stand: E52
  • Temperature Sensor (WT22-Ex)
  • Temperature Sensor (WT22-Ex)
Temperature Sensor (WT22-Ex) Temperature Sensor (WT22-Ex)

The WT22-Ex is a digital temperature sensor for tank containers and tank wagons. The WT22-Ex is a non-intrusive sensor that is used for the online monitoring of the temperature of a tank’s content. It sends the measured temperature values wirelessly to an IMT communication and location terminal (CLT/HCT), which in turn transmits the sensor data to the IMT platform where it can be accessed remotely via our web application.

The WT22-Ex has a large LCD display which shows the content temperature in °C at all times and in °F for 5 seconds upon pressing a button underneath the display. The WT22-Ex measures the tank’s content temperature with a wired
PT1000 probe that is attached directly to the tank wall or placed inside an immersion sleeve. Not only does the WT22-Ex transmit the temperature values to the IMT communication and location terminal, it also stores the measured values in an internal buffer with a capacity of 2 years. The WT22-Ex is IIC/IIIC certified and can therefore be used in the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids.

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