27 Jul 2023

Thermowell Solution

Intermodal Telematics BV Stand: E52

The IMT Thermowell Solution is a special thermometer solution that measures the temperature of the liquid in the middle of the tank container, with a PT1000 sensor fixed in the tube. The Thermowell Solution can resist external forces up to 12G.



The temperature values are displayed on a wireless display on the tank container. When using the solar-powered Communication and Location Terminal
(CLT20-Ex) you can also monitor the detailed temperature information in the IMT web application. The values can also be accessed via IMT’s open and free API, so it’s easy to integrate the IMT solution into any pre-existing TMS (transportation management system). Status changes (e.g. exceeding temperature thresholds) are events and as such can serve as a trigger for alert notifications. The Thermowell is easy to mount on the position of a blind flange. 

The Thermowell solution consists of a Thermowell probe, a heating sensor and a wireless display showing the temperature of liquid measured by the Thermowell. Due to the Wireless Display no long cables behind the cladding have to be used.

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