Eli Gjesdal

Eli Gjesdal

Founder & CEO, Eli Gjesdal

Eli Gjesdal has collected more than 40 years of professional experience within international shipping from Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, and USA.

Now, as the founder of her company, «Eli Gjesdal», she is a leadership enthusiast, passionate about serving people, and organizations driving diversity and inclusivity. Her superpower is supporting female leaders in the shipping and maritime industry. Eli is all about people and her purpose is to serve and set other people up for what they define as their success. Through her inspiration, support, trustworthiness, and determination she inspires people who want to change, be challenged, or want a push so that they believe more in themselves and take necessary steps to create a better life, develop their dreams and reach their goals.

Eli holds a Master of Management and a Bachelor´s degree in International Marketing. She is a Certified Professional Coach from Co-Active Training Institute and a member of International Coaching Federation. Eli is a co- founder of and was the first president of WISTA Norway.