Klemen Oven

Klemen Oven

Head of Sector - Risk Management & Security, European Commission - DG Taxud
Klemen Oven held different advisory positions at the general directorate for customs in Slovenian public administration prior to joining the European Commission in year 2005. Up until 2017, he held a position of a policy officer at Directorate General for Taxation and Customs (DG TAXUD). Klemen was responsible for policy development of the European Union strategic and operational framework in the field of customs external border and supply chain security, risk management and controls. In year 2018, he took a leadership position of a multi-disciplinary task force responsible for delivery of the new EU advance cargo information system (ICS2) and of the pre-arrival security and safety risk management programme. After operational launch of ICS2 in March 2021, he now holds a position of the Head of Sector for Security and Safety Risk Management and Analytics. He continues to lead on delivery of the ICS2 programme and on various policy and regulatory initiatives involving the role of customs in the fight against illicit trade impacting security and safety of the European Union, including criminal and terrorist related activities.