27 Jul 2023

IMT Web Application

Intermodal Telematics BV Stand: E52

Fleet monitoring and optimisation has never been easier! IMT' 3rd. generation web application, built on top of the latest web technologies, delivers a modular, extensible web portal with ample support for branding and customisation, in order to provide a comprehensive solution for you and your customers, no matter how advanced your requirements. IMT’s extensive experience over the past years, including feedback from customers, has been taken into account and carefully analysed to implement hundreds of user stories that all contributed to its unique, industry leading design.

Improving quality of service
Monitoring assets and cargo with the new web application helps lowering cost and improving the quality and safety of the service you deliver to your customers. It features a Fleet Analytics Dashboard which provides instant and intuitive insight into configurable fleet metrics and KPIs. Data tables offer spreadsheet-like features making it possible to quickly analyze data with just a few clicks. In addition to this, the export options to all common data formats make your telematics data available to business information tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, Clik or your office software of choice. Process and fleet optimization to improve efficiency and save money has never been easier.

Visual fleet management
For large(r) fleets, the new web application offers a powerful fleet management tool called Asset Group Navigator: Organize your fleet in sub fleets modeled after your company’s structure. Assign users, define user access control profiles, share geozones and other entities to avoid duplication. Hide entities that are not relevant or private. Asset Group Navigator’s graphical user interface makes it as easy as it gets.

Data protection and security
For legitimate IMT users the new web application offers named user profiles, which can be created and tweaked to individual requirements, making setting up new users a breeze. Users can only do and see what the user profile allows them to do and view. Even across company boundaries with your customers. The new web application is delivered and driven by IMT’s powerful Cloud Platform, which is protected against illegitimate attacks from outside by a state-of-the-art Managed Security Operations Center (MSOC) implemented using the latest cyber security technologies.

We offer our customers a powerful digital tool for:
• Fleet management
• Predictive maintenance and condition based maintenance
• Cargo monitoring
• Transport management
• Powerful and flexible Notification system

For more information, visit our booth (E52). We're happy to share more information!

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